7 Easy Steps to Run a Mastermind Group like a Pro.

Mastermind Groups might be the best tool to reach your goals

Even though the concept probably existed since thousands of years, the concept of the Mastermind Group has first been described Napolean Hill in 1925 in his book The Law of Success, and described in more detail in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. By his definition, a Mastermind Group is…

The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.

Napolean Hill

Benefits of a Mastermind Group

How to Run a Mastermind Group

Accountability & Challenge

Members hold each other accountable for taking action

How to Run a Mastermind Group

Collective problem solving

Challenges can be overcome by leveraging the skills and experience of the other members

How to Run a Mastermind Group

Deep Networking

If you are the average of the five people you associate with the most, it is intensely valuable add motivated and inspiring people to that list. Especially, if you are an entrepreneur or artist working in an isolated environment.

How to Run a Mastermind Group

New Perspectives

Tapping into new perspectives might open the door to ingenious problem solutions or new growth opportunities that you couldn't have identified with your own way of thinking.

How to Run a Mastermind Group

Choose an Intention

Be specific. Your Mastermind Group’s intention could be…
  • Topic-based (e.g., teaching yoga, animal rights)
  • Mission-based (e.g. plant 1,000,000 trees, contribute to your community)
  • Business-focused (e.g. double revenue in 2021, grow passive income)
  • Other goals & accountability (e.g., sticking to New Year’s resolutions and other habits)
How to Run a Mastermind Group

Determine the Size

Make your group big enough for maximum synergy and small enough for maximum accountability. Strive for…
  • 3-8 members (5-6 is ideal)
  • > 8 members should be broken down into assigned to multiple smaller groups

Select Members

Match members that could benefit each other for years to come with…

  • Similar drive, commitment, and progress. Don’t mix e.g. entrepreneurs who are just starting with those who wish to scale their business to 8 figures
  • Diverse skillsets (e.g. mix analytical with emotional thinkers)
  • Problem solving abilities
How to Run a Mastermind Group

Agree on Values & Rules

Provide a space for honest, smart feedback for members to grow.

  • Set start and end dates (if any). Aim for a minimum of 3 months to make sure that all members experience significant growth with regards to your group’s intention.
  • Meet regularly (We recommend 60mins/week)
  • Attendance at a high level is crucial for collective appreciation and team dynamics (Miss more than 2 sessions / less than 80% attendance and you’re out) 
How to Run a Mastermind Group

Facilitate valuable discussions

Providing your members with some guiding sentences allows for productive and insightful sessions.

Give each member equal time (minimum of 10 minutes) to share…

  1. Flow: “Last week I made progress with …”
  2. Learning: “My biggest new lesson learned …”
  3. Horizon: “Next up, I will …”
  4. Pain: “My biggest challenge right now is … / I need advice on …”
  5. Advice: Let other members share their advice
How to Run a Mastermind Group

Write your Mission Statement

"The purpose of our Mastermind Group is help each other express the best version of ourselves while growing our e-commerce business by 2X in 2021. We meet once a week to inspire and help each other to reach our goals. Between our sessions, we hold each other accountable to make daily progress. We value transparency, openness, and punctuality."

Julia, Frank, Jonathan, Sarah, and Justin
How to Run a Mastermind Group

Allow for Iterations

You might find that longer/shorter sessions work better, members might come and go, …

Strive for consistency and stability but let the group decide what works best for them. In the end, you are just the facilitator that helps your Mastermind Group to thrive.

Are you ready to express the best version of yourself?

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