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Make Each Day Your Masterpiece!


It’s not Rocket Science.
Trust me. I‘m an Aerospace Engineer.

24h/day is too short, right?

There‘s so much that we want to get done daily.


Get in Shape

e.g. meditate daily / move daily / lose 10lbs / gain 10lbs muscle


boost business / career

e.g. boost your passive income / launch your startup / get more clients / get promoted


improve Relationships & wellbeing

e.g. more time for family & friends / daily quality time with loved ones

It can feel frustrating and impossible, trying to fit everything into our daily lives.

And even when we try, we often face a lack of time, motivation, or energy.

As a result, we neglect essentials like fitness, health, friends, relationships, or get stuck in a mediocre, unfulfilling career.

Create Masterpiece Days

Every human being has the same 24h every day.

And still, some are building rockets to mars and revolutionize multiple industries while others struggle with the basics.

The single defining difference is the ability to make each day your masterpiece.

E.g., the following is the Masterpiece Day of one of my clients.


5.30am Morning Coffee


5.45am Journaling


6am hit the gym


7am Cold Shower


7.15am meditate


8am Crush #1 priority


12pm healthy lunch after fasting


12.30pm Learn Spanish


1pm Deep Work


4pm essential meetings


6pm time for hobbies


7.30 be Grateful and plan next day


8pm cooking with friends


9.30pm reading


10pm healthy sleep

Just imagine where you would be one year from now if you would follow this routine.

Ready to create your Masterpiece Day?

Okay, but I‘m not a robot.

Nor is anyone else.

That‘s why I condensed the latest findings in behavioral psychology and habit formation for you.

 The result is a system that makes it easy for you to stick to a routine that you‘re proud of (and admired for by friends, colleagues, and your boss).

Among other things, for every important part of your routine, we‘ll

1. Make it visible

We‘ll design your environment in a way that it‘s impossible to forget to do your habit.

2. make it attractive

We‘ll design mechanisms that make it very motivating for you.

3. make it easy

We‘ll reduce friction and introduce easy to master progressions.

4. make it satisfying

We‘ll introduce rewards and progress visualization, so you‘ll never want to quit.

Get 37x better in one year.

Sounds ridiculous?

But it‘s basic maths. Success is not about complicated, drastic changes in your life. 

Success is about the compound effect of improving 1% every day.

One Masterpiece Day at a time.


Procrastinating isn’t your fault.
It’s your system.

All of us have goals. And if you are like me, you’ve tried many different strategies to reach them, set New Year‘s resolutions and even tried fancy apps. However, the sad truth is:

0 %

of us fail to take consistent daily action towards our goals.

But don’t worry.

I‘ll guide you to the right trajectory.


Hi, I‘m Maurice Alexander.

Your Personal Coach.


As an aerospace engineer, startup founder, and certified coach, my biggest strength is curiosity.

This curiosity is what drives me to learn more about you and your goals.

And I’m excited to see how you‘ll react when you discover your true potential as soon as you‘re given the right tools.


Your Journey to a Great Routine

Book your Free First Consultation

CoachingSimply pick the 15-min time slot that fits you best. 

Let‘s Chat! Free

5-min Personality Test

CoachingThis will give us valuable insights into how to tailor your routine perfectly for you.


Free First Consultation

CoachingLet‘s get to know each other, speak about your goals, and my system for your success.


Your Personal Success Plan (.pdf)

CoachingBased on your goals and personality, I‘ll develop a plan on how we‘ll get you where you want to be - as fast and easy as possible.


You Decide if That Sounds Promising to You

CoachingNo commitment. No questions asked.


We Build Your Perfect Routine

CoachingAnd make you stick to it.

100% Money-Back Guarantee on every session.
No questions asked.

Accountability and Free Companion App


identi is a beautiful and motivating habit tracking app (my biased opinion as I happen to be the CEO of it) which, if you choose to use it for free, will help me to hold you accountable for taking daily action.

Some Great People I worked with


I don’t claim to be an accountant, but students are often able to get their training reimbursed by their company or write it off as a training expense for their small business.

To get the best out of our work together you need only one thing: Curiosity. 

If you are curious about the origins of your shortcomings we can deconstruct your life together and use the principles of habit formation to transform you into the person you want to be. 

The most obvious thing that will improve in your life is YOU. My system was specially designed to realize your potential and give you the tools to become who you want to be.

Secondary benefits that my clients and myself experienced were manyfold and depend on your habits. I for example got a promotion once because my boss was impressed by my daily routine and productivity gains. Other benefits could include better health, losing weight, more deeply intimate relationships, etc.

Unlike other coaches, I decided to carry 100% of the risk for you.

You can stop our collaboration at any time and get a 100% refund, no questions asked, on every single session. Even, if you wish to continue working with me. I believe that this is a great mechanism to ensure the absolute highest added value to your lives from our work together.

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