The Social Network for Habit Builders

Let your Friends & Accountability Partners make it easy to stick to your habits.

Identi - the social network for habit builders | product hunt

✅ Habit Tracking

  • Add unlimited habits
  • Build streaks
  • Visualize your progress

🤝 Accountability

  • Share your progress
  • Adopt their habits
  • Send proof photos.

🚀 Tribes

  • Join tribes of like-minded peers
  • Adopt habits from expert coaches
  • Reproduce their success

identi is a new kind of social network.

A social network that isn’t about showing off what you own or where you can afford to travel. identi is for people that strive for real connections with like-minded peers. A social network that’s about supporting each other, celebrating each other’s progress, and inspiring each other to become the best version of ourselves. 🦄

Identi habit tracking app

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Join identi, The Social Habit Tracking App, to build powerful habits and routines with the help of your tribe!

Identi - the social network for habit builders | product hunt

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