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It's not your fault. It's your system.

Where would you be one year from now, if you would do the things daily that you know you should be doing?
If you are like us, you may have tried many different strategies, set New Year‘s resolutions or maybe even tried habit tracking apps or coaching.
However, the sad truth is:

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of us fail to take consistent action towards our goals

It has finally become easy and enjoyable to build great habits & routines

We condensed the latest findings in behavioral psychology and habit formation to develop the best app for reaching your goals. Within our beautiful habit tracking app you can join Mastermind Groups of like minded people that hold you accountable and help you discover your potential.

The identi formula

Social Accountablity

Progress visualization

Personalized advice

Sustainable Progress

Habit Tracking

  • Build your routines
  • Check-in your habits
  • See your identi grow


  • Share progress with your peers
  • Exchange best practices and overcome roadblocks
  • Hold each other accountable for taking daily action

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